Think out of the box
Think Out of The Box
UCSI Consulting Group expands its presence in Indonesia and Philippines through collaboration with TalentKeys
MBA with special focus in Blue Ocean Strategy - Think different. Do different. Make a difference. (More information)



“The most valuable gain from the BOS workshop was the willingness of the team to push the boundaries within such a regulated industry. I personally think the tools used were a powerful resource to systematically guide the team in exploring uncharted territories and come out with exciting innovative initiatives. A big thank you...

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The UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting has a successful proven track record of game changing strategies for companies in different industries. We help clients co-create innovative strategies, reach new customers, and push boundaries. Our services include: Consulting, Blue Ocean Strategy Labs, Workshops, Education....

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Signing the agreement: (From left to right) Narciso Podda (Consultant), Raj Kumar (Vice President of Global Consulting at UCSI Consulting Group), Pakea Nathan Chelliah (Managing Partner/Chief Learning Officer at TalentKeys), Ahmad Kassim (Managing Partner, TalentKeys) In line with its global expansion plans, UCSI Consultin...

How BOS Drives Results

The UCSI Blue Ocean Strategy Consulting is a global management consulting organization with a network of Certified practitioners who operate worldwide using the fundamental BOS concepts, tools and analytics developed by Professors Kim and Mauborgne at INSEAD. We work across industries and countries....